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Many women wear the wrong size bra without knowing, this is usually due to not knowing how to correctly measure your own bra size. Wearing the wrong size bra can be painful and also cause long term problems due to lack of support etc. Watch the below video guide to correctly see how you can measure the size of the bra you should be wearing.
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Big Bra

It’s always important to wear the right bra size but when it comes to bras for large breasted ladies this becomes essential. By far the best way is to visit a reputable store and have your bra size measured by an experienced professional. If you do not have the right size it can lead to bad posture, cause discomfort and give an unflattering body shape.
Bras for large breasted ladies will accentuate the positive features of the body and show off natural curves. Most ladies with large breasts choose a bra which is too big in the back area. Many ladies do not realise how important it is to get this right as this where the majority of support comes from. If you do not have the correct size the shoulder strips will dig in and rub causing discomfort and leading to more serious prblems over time. If the cup size is too small on a big bra the breasts will not sit comfortably and the cup will create unpleasant bulges.

A well fitted big bra will help you to stand straight and maintain a good posture. This isn’t just good for your back, it will also help you to look taller and more elegant.

It’s important to choose the right style when you are looking to buy a big bra. In addition, if you are a larger breasted lady consider what clothes will flatter your body shape. Many ladies make the mistake of trying to cover their figure with baggy clothes. There are certain rules to follow such as avoiding pockets on the breasts and not wearing thick belts but it’s always worth experimenting to see what feels comfortable and what looks best for you personally.

Custom made bras for large breasted ladies are an option but of course they come at a price. If you have been measured and fitted correctly it’s perfectly possible for most of us to buy big bras in the high street.

Although celebrity culture still favours the smaller ‘size zero’ frame there is recognition that most ladies are more curvy and this has resulted in a greater range of big bras becoming available. They aren’t just practical – the range of fabrics and patterns available will suit all tastes and trends. If you are looking to buy a big bra your options include everything from pretty floral fabrics to bold, sexy materials and the days of plain white, cream or black are fortunately long gone.

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