Correct Bra Size
Many women wear the wrong size bra without knowing, this is usually due to not knowing how to correctly measure your own bra size. Wearing the wrong size bra can be painful and also cause long term problems due to lack of support etc. Watch the below video guide to correctly see how you can measure the size of the bra you should be wearing.
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Bra Size Calculator

Many Ladies are wearing the wrong size Bra and do not even realise it. It is essential you wear the correct sized bra for comfort but also it is very unhealthy and can lead to Bad posture and back pain to name just a few.

There are many ways to measure your bra size and every shop and guide will usually use a different measurement and calculation, so for the best result if you are unsure of your size then get measured from the place you are going to buy your bra.

Our Bra Calculator has been designed to give a “guide” to your Bra size and is in no way a perfect measurement due to how different brands/shops size their bras.

Please use our Bra Calculator as a Guide only and any feedback is most welcomed as we are constantly tweaking the unique calculation that we use.


Calculating Your Bra Measurement

Back measurement should be measured around the back right under the breast. Enter this measurement below in the provided box

Cup Measurement should be measured around the back and over the fullest part of your breasts. Enter this measurement below in the provided box


Back Measurement: Cup Measurement:

Your Bra Size Is:

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